Healthy Eating

The following is a post that I would myself retitle as Healthy Eating, as I don’t believe that being skinny is a goal one should aspire to. All of the advice is sound however, for healthier minds and bodies.




3 comments on “Healthy Eating

  1. Just read that a new study (on mice) shows that limiting eating to only 8 hours during the day reduces body weight by 20% – that’s huge! So delaying breakfast till 11:00 am and finishing dinner by 7:00 pm could be a real help for people who can’t lose that last 10 pounds. I’m going to do a trial to see if it works on people – namely ME 🙂


  2. Good luck with that, though I do believe that the prevailing wisdom is that you kick start your metabolism sooner rather than later in the day. I tend to listen to what my body says and eat the first meal of the day accordingly. If you are hoping that by eating later in the morning, you will skip a meal, does not tend to work that way. Healthy choices is key though and what I found REALLY works for me, is NO carbs after midday i.e. not for afternoon snack or dinner. I am not sure it has made a difference in actual weight but does make a BIG difference in how your stomach feels and looks. Try that too if you want to see results fast. 😉


  3. The no carbs after lunch rule is so true


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