Book Review

A Knock-Out Ending: the importance of scene placement.

One of my BIG regrets with deciding to become a writer is that it has taken away the simple pleasure of enjoying a good book. Now when I read, I find myself dissecting the book, looking for strengths and weaknesses’, trying to determine what makes a book publishable, puzzling over why a book called The […]

On the importance of a strong start

  I recently read a book which brought home to me in spades, the importance of having a strong start to a novel. The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton has a brilliant plot and the way she scripts the story line, with subtle hints from the beginning and numerous red herrings throughout, has the reader […]

A body at peace with itself

I lived for years with chronic indigestion, including a growling, at times painful  stomach, flatulence, heartburn and even acid reflux, and I was popping antacids on a regular basis. It was only when I was in my physiotherapist’s office this winter, at my whit’s end for recurrent nerve related symptoms, that she told me about the link […]

Before I go to Sleep

Being a full month behind on my book club reading, I only completed last month’s book selection today, just in time for this month’s meeting on Thursday. Before I go to Sleep by S. J. Watson is a modern-day physiological thriller about a woman suffering from amnesia who wakes up every morning not knowing who […]