As I am between novels, I thought it time to resurrect my blog. But I needed a focus on something other than the process of writing, which, I have discovered, is what every other writer does when they first start to blog. So, going back to my blog’s motto of ‘Too much world, too little […]


Even though it is too cold outside to be called a Spring day, it is with much warmth in my heart that I can share with you today my very first published work as a writer. EDGE OF REASON was inspired by the sight of some young bucks jumping off a cliff edge located on a […]

Small Steps

I am happy to announce that I will finally be published! Regrettably, not my novel, not yet, but a short story that I wrote last year, set in a beach side town in southern Spain, where I vacationed a couple of years ago, while researching my second novel. Two journals have expressed interest and as they are […]

Changing Tack

In case the few followers I have out there have not figured it out yet, I have put blogging on hold to focus on book reviews in Goodreads. I am not sure if these reviews automatically come up as a post in my blog (I suspect not) but they are located on my blog page […]


I recently did ANOTHER major round of edits to ‘Fair is this Land’ but this time I can say with full confidence that I am happy with where the novel is and could now happily publish and put my name to it. During this round, I learned many things but the one that stands out […]


WHY was probably one of my first spoken and subsequently, overly used words, so it should come as little surprise when I say that I always ask WHY when I read a novel. Why did the author write that book, use that particular subject, what where their motivations? Learning a writer’s inspiration can change how […]

A Knock-Out Ending: the importance of scene placement.

One of my BIG regrets with deciding to become a writer is that it has taken away the simple pleasure of enjoying a good book. Now when I read, I find myself dissecting the book, looking for strengths and weaknesses’, trying to determine what makes a book publishable, puzzling over why a book called The […]