I am an aspiring author, whose passion for writing is only eclipsed by a passion for travel. I no sooner unpack from one trip than I am planning two trips ahead. It sometimes seems as if the planning is  more fun than the actual travel, perhaps because it lasts longer and the possibilities seem endless at the start. While my husband good-naturedly indulges this passion, it is my daughter who shares it and we had our first of what I hope will be many mother daughter trips this year.

In an attempt to merge my two passions, I plan to use my travels for inspiration for my writing, which is how the idea of my first novel came to light. It was at the end of my first and hopefully not my last, African safari, when my husband and I spent our final days of the vacation walking the white, coral sand beaches of Zanzibar. During a tour of the capital, Stone Town, I was introduced to the story of Emily Ruete and purchased a book on her life on the island, called Memoirs of an Arabian Princess from Zanzibar. Not too long after the trip, I took a creative writing course and this book quickly became the grain of sand on which I choose to build my first novel. Within eighteen months of  the course, I finished my novel and am currently in the process of acquiring an agent. It took me less than one week to realize that writing the book was the easy part and that getting it published is going to be a hard slog, requiring lots of patience, a virtue I was unfortunately not blessed with!

I am also a self proclaimed foodie and love nothing better than having a great meal in an unforgettable location, and get very upset when we settle for tourist plunk when around the corner there was authentic cuisine. One of my resolutions will be to better research restaurants for upcoming travels, as relying on hit or miss has not always served me well in the past.

Beside writing, gastronomy, cooking and traveling, other hobbies include reading, walking, dabbling in photography, oh and wine tasting, any wine any time.

A recent trip to Spain has spawned another book idea, so join me on my journey as I write novel number two.


6 comments on “About

  1. Hey Karen, my mom just mentioned that you started a blog! I’ll keep an eye on it and check back for more posts 🙂

    – Amanda


  2. Hi Karen,
    I’d like to nominate your blog for the Liebster award. I’m planning a post (probably for next weekend) that will outline the recognition. Would you accept?
    🙂 Gwen


    • Err, sure. As you can tell, I am totally in the dark as to what the Liebster award is, but thanks for thinking of me! And that was all the motivation I needed to write a long over due entry today on the importance of a strong start to your novel in todays instant gratification market.


      • Great! I was in the dark about how this works, too. Look for a post on Saturday Feb 9 that explains it all and provides a link for readers to your blog! I think after reading it, you’ll understand what it’s all about.

        Happy Writing today! ~Gwen


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