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Healthy Eating

The following is a post that I would myself retitle as Healthy Eating, as I don’t believe that being skinny is a goal one should aspire to. All of the advice is sound however, for healthier minds and bodies.

Musings from a Happy Wanderer

Why are some people motivated to travel, while others are content to lounge in their own backyards? Why does a plate of pommes frites from a corner cafe in Paris have more appeal for some than a serving of French fries from the local greasy spoon back home? And why do the streets of a […]

A body at peace with itself

I lived for years with chronic indigestion, including a growling, at times painful ¬†stomach,¬†flatulence,¬†heartburn and even acid reflux, and I was popping antacids on a regular basis. It was only when I was in my physiotherapist’s office this winter, at my whit’s end for recurrent nerve related symptoms, that she told me about the link […]