A Gentle Giant and a Madman

A Gentle Giant and a Madman

I woke from a light sleep to a melodious chime and a pitch-black room. My hand fumbled along the bedside table until I found my cellphone and switched off the alarm. “Time to go,” I called to my travel companion, who had yet to make a move. With the blood thrumming through my veins, I […]

Lift Thine Eyes unto the Hills

During a recent trip to Barcelona, Spain, I decided to forsake Gaudi’s city for a day tour into the surrounding countryside. With no prior knowledge of the destination, I made my way from my hotel on La Barceloneta to the meeting point next to the Palau de la Música Catalana, an art nouveau concert hall known for […]

You say Tomayto, I say Tomahto.

  It was the last day of a four-day Fall walking tour along the Jurassic Coast, the Dorset section of England’s South West Coast Path. My travel companion and I had set off early that morning from the seaside town of Swanage, a town known historically for its distinctive Purbeck marble used in many of […]

Havana: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Havana: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

When people ask me how a recent trip to Havana, Cuba went, I reply with a single word: Interesting. At the very least, it has given me fodder for several blog posts. The Good: In its hey day, Old Havana would have been the equivalent of a world class European city, one lapped by the […]

Into the wild

I lay wide awake, too excited to sleep. A long-held dream from childhood had finally come true. We were spending our first night on safari in the wilds of Tanzania, with nothing between us and the wildlife except the flimsy canvas of our tent. My husband and I had driven from Arusha earlier that day and […]

Call of the Dolphin

Call of the Dolphin

The sun was shining, the air was warm and the water was a sparkling, Mediterranean blue. I felt like pinching myself, unable to believe that it was mid September and that the blue expanse in front of me was in fact the English Channel, notorious for its stormy, grey seas. My vantage point was the Durlston Castle terrace, a Victorian […]


Fair is this Land

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Street Art, Kensington Market

Pretty in Pink

Ponderings of The Thinker

  Why did I decide to become a writer?!