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Tobermory, Ontario

The Bruce Peninsula National Park: At one with nature

On the benefits of a writing group

I have recently created a writing group with a total of four members, all passionate about and committed to the craft of writing. In less than a week, the group has proved its worth, in that two of us who are old school have been motivated to create blogs, hence my presence before you today. […]

Before I go to Sleep

Being a full month behind on my book club reading, I only completed last month’s book selection today, just in time for this month’s meeting on Thursday. Before I go to Sleep by S. J. Watson is a modern-day physiological thriller about a woman suffering from amnesia who wakes up every morning not knowing who […]


While I would LOVE to claim the image above as my own, I will give credit where credit is due and admit that it is actually one of my brother’s, William Barrow, award-winning photographer. We had an amazing Fall here in Southern Ontario this year and every man and his dog, literally, were out taking pictures of the Autumn […]

Graceful Strides

An African Landscape

Hello Intrepid Travelers

This being my first blog page and my first entry, I beg your patience and indulgence. Having recently completed my first novel, I was advised that I needed a ‘platform’ from which to launch myself. As I took a look from the dizzying heights of the 10m platform, I quickly scurried down to the less […]