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Changing Tack

In case the few followers I have out there have not figured it out yet, I have put blogging on hold to focus on book reviews in Goodreads. I am not sure if these reviews automatically come up as a post in my blog (I suspect not) but they are located on my blog page as a link to Goodreads.  I have finally linked in a local writing community and I have learned a lot, heaps, over the past year about the writing and revision process; have made some new acquaintances in the writing world so that I don’t have to bore my non-writing friends anymore with my thoughts on my books; and am valiantly trying to push forward with that second novel, happy to have learned just in the last few days that the so called ‘sophomore slump’ that I have been experiencing is not unique to me and a common occurrence with all writers. So, I will stop my procrastinating and get on with this thankless career I have chosen for my later years.

Haling all muses …


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