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The Evolution of Blogging

Just last week, I heard for the first time about blog sites which had contributions from a number of different authors instead of just being the brain child of one author and I thought to myself, well there now is an intelligent idea. For all I know, this has not been a recent occurrence in the evolution of this social media device but then I am not an early adopter. So imagine my surprise today, when brain dead from a frustrating search for agents to query, I stumbled across a blog which took me the better part of the afternoon to realize was one such site.

Writing Historical Novels is a blog which started Jan 2013 and has contributions from best selling authors such as Anne Perry, Eva Stachniak, Mary Nichols, Julian Stockwin and my literary inspiration, Jane Johnson. To date contributions have ranged from how do to do research for historical novels, to the importance of a hook at the start (!!), to inspirations for historical novels.  It was amazing that not only had someone came up with this concept but that they were able to solicit and get so many international best sellers to contribute on a regular basis to the blog! The discovery was a nice way to end a day that started out with the demoralizing and thankless task of identifying agents to whom to eventually pitch my novel. Even for someone with enough letters after their name, I still feel the inadequacy of realizing that they are the wrong set of letters and that I don’t have a career in journalism on which to trade!

Sigh. As enjoyable as writing the novel was, that is all but a distant memory as I face the realities of the publishing industry … that not withstanding the drivel that one can find on bookstore shelves and in libraries, getting published is a MUCH more difficult task than writing the novel! How I can conceive of starting my second novel which I am bursting to get at, is beyond me, given the mountain that I have yet to climb!





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