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Autumn Reflections

While I would LOVE to claim the image above as my own, I will give credit where credit is due and admit that it is actually one of my brother’s, William Barrow, award-winning photographer. We had an amazing Fall here in Southern Ontario this year and every man and his dog, literally, were out taking pictures of the Autumn colours. As soon as William posted this on Flikr, I knew I wanted it and basically hijacked his print and today finalized a commission to have a printer capture the image on canvas, which I will then proudly display in my living room. This will be the third canvassed photograph that I will have hanging in my house. It is a great technique for taking your very own pictures and turning them into works of art to be hung on your walls. The concept involves editing your pictures and then having them printed on canvas to hang on your wall as a piece of art, the difference being that this is a picture that you captured, this is your memory. My first two have been hung frameless, this image will be framed just because I had the perfect frame to show it off. It is a business concept that I think has potential, once people can see the finished product. I will have to work on my brother to seriously consider a sideline.


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