On the benefits of a writing group

I have recently created a writing group with a total of four members, all passionate about and committed to the craft of writing. In less than a week, the group has proved its worth, in that two of us who are old school have been motivated to create blogs, hence my presence before you today. I have also learned some truths about the writing process and will pass on these nuggets of gold for all you wannabe writers out there.

The first nugget, is that writing should be viewed as a hobby, something that you enjoy doing, something that you are motivated to do. Very few people will actually earn income from their writing far less be able to able to support themselves from it, a truth that was a bitter pill to swallow, I will admit, but casting my passion in the guise of a hobby makes it seem at least a worthwhile endeavor.

The second nugget which I had to be reminded of, is never consider reading to be an indulgence. It is through reading the work of published authors that we wannabes can hone our skills, broaden our horizons and  adopt different techniques. The goal in my view is to create a novel that will not only come from our souls, but which will have a strong readership, for I believe that most of us would like to think that we can create something that an audience can connect with, that they will want to read. I myself was was influenced by at least two books I read during the writing of my first novel, which is saying a lot as I read very little during that time, so that should be a lesson in of itself to me.

The third nugget I have quickly come to appreciate, is that writing can be a very solitary task, where you cocoon yourself for days, weeks on end, with very little interaction with the outside world. A writing group  not only forces a connection with the real world, but it also offers an opportunity to be with like minded people, people who understand your passions, what drives you, who offer the support during those periods of self doubt, through the agony of trying to find an agent, of trying to get published. I regret that I did not join a group sooner, but as I have learned throughout the years,  your life unfolds the way it does for a reason …  all in good time.

I have suggested the name Wannabes for the group which was promptly shot down as not being positive enough. Me thinks the truth doth hurt?


4 comments on “On the benefits of a writing group

  1. The group is a great idea! Thanks for inviting me to join. I never would have thought of something like that, and it’s very nice to have others who motivate you, support you and are going through the same things.


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