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Hello Intrepid Travelers

This being my first blog page and my first entry, I beg your patience and indulgence. Having recently completed my first novel, I was advised that I needed a ‘platform’ from which to launch myself. As I took a look from the dizzying heights of the 10m platform, I quickly scurried down to the less terrifying 3m height and so here I stand, ready and poised to take my first dive into the blogosphere.

Harboring a secret dream to write a novel (bestseller of course!), it was my passion for traveling that provided the nugget on which I based my book, with me painstakingly adding layers to that first golden grain, polishing it until I produced my first pearl. Somewhat rough around the edges, it will take a master editor to smooth out the ridges and bring forth a pearl of the finest order (or so the dream goes). Based on this strategy and striking gold first time, I have decided to use my travels to generate ideas for other novels. With this in mind, I took a recent trip to Granada Spain, looking for inspiration among the empty corridors of the Alhambra, and I believe that I was successful in crafting an idea that I hope will eventually see the light of day. Stay tuned.

I may use this blog to post short travel logs and stories, we shall see. This is a whole new world to me and the possibilities are, well, endless.


One comment on “Hello Intrepid Travelers

  1. I loved Granada and visiting Alhambra! Can’t wait to hear more of your ideas.


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